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It includes one large filmstrip with 15 feet of filmstrip that you can unroll to make a great looking movie theme decoration. The cardboard sides look like a film canister and you can remove them to show the black plastic film reel. Film reel decor is the perfect decoration for movie night or the classic old Hollywood party theme. You may also be intersted in some other party decorations that film reels in them such as our Movie Set Ceiling decoration, the Filmstrip Whirls, or the Movie Set Stringer. The movie tin reel is an iconic Hollywood symbol that should be incorporated into your Hollywood theme party

Film Strip and Reel Centerpiece

  • Product Features •Nine (9) inch black plastic reel with fifteen (15) foot flexible plastic filmstrip •Two sheets of cardboard stapled to the outside of the reel make it look like a movie film can •You can easily remove the tin can sides if you just want the film reel look •One (1) per package
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