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tep out of the limo and walk down the red carpet. All you see are paparazzi lined up getting ready to snap a photo of you! Hang this Paparazzi Backdrop up on your wall with double sided tape or pins. It is made of a thin plastic material, and printed on one side. The backdrop measures four feet tall by thirty feet long. It begins with the red carpet at the bottom, then shows gold stanchions, and a large group of paparazzi standing with their cameras ready and flashing. You can use this Paparazzi Backdrop at the base of your scene, and use the Starry Night Backdrop at the top, and then you'll have a wall covered that will measure eight feet tall by thirty feet long.

Paparazzi Backdrop Scene Setter

$19.95 Regular Price
$16.50Sale Price
  • Product Features One (1) per package Measures: Four (4) feet tall by thirty (30) feet long Printed on one (1) side Paparazzi image is printed on a thin sheet of plastic material Hang with double sided tape or thumbtacks
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