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Walk of Fame Theme 

Use this Red Rope Stanchion Set as a great addition to your Red Carpet event. In this set you'll receive four plastic bases, four plastic posts, and three red plastic coil ropes. The red plastic coil ropes stretch out approximately four feet to seven feet. You'll actually three ropes in this set. We encourage you to fill the bases with sand or water to help stabilize the posts. This is a free standing Red Rope set. On the flip side, we have the Stanchion Party Props. These are the look of real red ropes that are printed on a clear sheet of plastic material. You'll cut the the picture of the red ropes and golden stands out of the clear plastic, and place them on your wall with double sided tape or thumbtacks. You can use the Stanchion Party Props, on their own or you can attach them to a wall. Or use them against the Brick Wall Backdrop, along with the Paparazzi Props.

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